How To Stay Healthy After 70

Today, words like illness and impairment have become synonyms for old age. Main reason behind this is the high frequency at which the senior population falls ill or gets injured which gives rise to many medical expenses. Aging well is important for the individual, his/her family and the entire country as whole because this can reduce the billions of dollars spent annually on health care costs for elders. If you are a senior citizen who is determined on staying healthy for the rest of your life, here are a few useful tips that might interest you.

Plenty of sleep

More often than not, seniors complain about not receiving a good night sleep and feeling tired during the day. As the human body becomes older, it becomes more susceptible to diseases and injury and a minimum of 7-9 hours of sleep is a must for an elderly person to stay vigilant and fight against dementia. Avoiding intake of fluids 1-2 hours before bed especially if you have a weak bladder. Removal of bedroom distractions which might keep you up at night such as light from electrical equipment (TV), or pets that may make noises and wake you in the middle of the night will allow you to sleep in peace at night.

Eat right

As we age, our metabolism break down and as a result, muscular tissues get replaced by fat. This leads to obesity which will have a negative impact on your health and the way you feel about yourself. Therefore, eating healthy is a must for a senior citizen and the main objective should be to limit the consumption of processed foods and those having high levels of sugar or fat, while getting large servings of fruits, vegetables and fiber rich whole grains should be maximized. If you’re willing to make an extra effort to lose a few more pounds, you can always go for green tea products. It is more convenient now than ever to get your hands on these products because you can now buy matcha powder online and get it delivered to your doorstep.


First step is to consult your medical service provider and come up with an exercise routine that suits your body and lifestyle. Engaging in activities like walking, water aerobics, swimming or jogging regularly for 30-40 minutes a day will impact your health in a positive way. Starting the day with a meal containing fish, shellfish, fruits, whole grains followed by a glass of matcha green tea will provide your body with sustained energy required to stay active throughout the day.

Never too late to quit!

A study by the German Cancer Research Center has found that people between the age of 60 and 70 can reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke by more than 40% within the first five years after the last cigarette. This is an opportunity that must be seized, given the cost is a mere puff of smoke! Moreover, several aids to help quit smoking are being found every day. So consult your health service provider to learn about these many findings.