Treat Your Children Properly

As time has passed, certain things have changed for the better and life has improved in some aspects, but there’s always a negative side to everything. A decade ago, smartphones didn’t exist, parents paid more attention to their sons and daughters, people were definitely a lot friendlier to one another, and they agreed on things, too. However, this is not how situations are now, since smartphones have arrived and shaken up everything, both for the good and bad.

People are always busy and never have time to spend for themselves, and if they do they’re on their phones 24/7 and don’t pay attention to anything else, which is really sad. It’s more depressing when there are kids are involved, because they crave their parent’s attention, but they don’t even look up from their phones. This in turn will have a very negative impact on these kids as these little things are what affect the most. They need all the attention they could possibly get, plus they need to know that they’re wanted and appreciated. Still, there are only a small majority who actually spend all their time with their kids.In the world we all live in now, phones have become such a big part of most people’s lives, and some act as if their life depends on it, which is just so pathetic. There’s so much more to life than just a screen, or your social media accounts like facebook and instagram, and people need to realize this fact.

Back then the 90’s kids definitely had a better childhood compared to what kids these days have, mainly due to the fact that technology wasn’t as advanced and people actually had lives. When looking back, it’s hard to believe that people had the time to socialize and mingle and do so many other things like volunteering, too. They had so much time on their hands, and were able to take their kids to the local park or the playground, sit and watch them play. Now, they hardly have any time to do any of the above, they’re so ‘busy’. As a result, their kids are severely affected and feel neglected. Parents are expected to look into each and every detail and aspect of their child’s life, like they’re supposed to know if their child has a milk reaction.

If so, they should consider switching to low fat milk as it’s definitely a lot better and healthier for consumption, too.These days there are so many dangerous viruses and sicknesses spreading, so it’s best to be careful.