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Little pastel white hearts standing on the tip of beautiful blood red swirls and tiny gold beads sprinkled like stars on a three layered cake, these hand crafted edibles are so fine-looking you’ll have second thoughts before you let your canines grind them! Whilst cake decorating techniques can sound quite complex, you don’t necessarily have to buy a cake to make sure they’re sophisticated. In fact these easy tips listed below will help your scrumptious cake from turning into a sweet chaos and give it the professional look it needs.

Throw Candy Like Confetti.

An eye-catching cake that’s looking like a burst of colors can easily be the talk of the day until it’s eaten up. All you have to do is simply stick all sorts of your favorite candy from Toffees to Twizzlers and Meringues and Macaroons making sure your cake is covered from head to toe. This easy decoration would not only be ideal for kids’ birthday cakes Dandenong but any sweet tooth out there would definitely be a sucker for it too.

Lace It Like Never Before.

Whilst this one is probably the simplest, it’s my personal favorite too. Give your icing free dark colored fondant cake an elegant and classy look by placing a piece of lace on your cake and sprinkling icing sugar through a sieve. After you’re done, take the lace off and you’re left with the white powdered icing making a gorgeous pattern on your cake and it undoubtedly looks like designer.

Go Floral.

Flowers are always in trend. So if you’ve got a bridal shower or engagement coming up, you can save up on your budget by using some fresh flowers to decorate your cake. Flowers are so pretty and looks great on a cake with a naked icing effect. Go out to your back garden, pick some of them with a color that goes with your theme. Insert paper straws into the cake and put the stem of your flowers into the straws so they’re standing. You can choose different heights and lay some smaller ones on top along with a few petals and voila! You’ve created a masterpiece.

Work Your Magic With M&Ms.

With M&Ms, you can now turn your traditional looking butter cakes into exclusive custom birthday cakes. You will only need around 6 to 7 KitKats and a bag of M&Ms. Cover your cake with a thin coat of frosting and stick your KitKats vertically around your cake. Spill the M&Ms on the top creating a pool of the chocolate candies and to finish off the look, tie a ribbon of your choice around the outside.

Get Creative With Toys.

You can surprise your little kid by sticking up their favorite toy on their cake. Spill some Ganache on top, add on a few chunks of chocolate and place dinosaurs on it so you have a dinosaur themed birthday cake. Or you can make a road using the Ganache, place two Hot Wheels on it and stick crushed Oreos around the corner of the cake. If it’s for your little girl then cut out a crown from glitter paper and simply use it as cake topper along with chocolate chips decorating the cake like polka dots. Get artistic and design it in a way that will make your kid squeal with joy!

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